Why help us?

Because we are a non-profit foundation that seeks to give a new opportunity to burn survivors by improving their medical and psychological condition to make it easier for them to return to their lives.

Because our care is comprehensive and includes: reconstructive plastic surgery, medical treatments, physiotherapy, medications, psychological therapy, nutritional support and travel assistance depending on the individual needs of each patient.

Because many of our patients have limited resources, live in remote areas of the country and don’t have access to the treatment needed for their appropriate recovery.

Because our work is transparent, very specialized and professional, always seeking to offer the best treatment for each patient.

Because we have a long list of patients waiting for their surgeries, which are a fundamental part of their rehabilitation process in order to resume a normal and productive life.
Because we have international alliances with institutions that have a long history and recognition, such as the one carried out with Shriners Hospital for Children (USA) and the one with Michou and Mau Foundation (Mexico), which support our work and benefit our patients.