The INTI Foundation was born in October 2014 from the desire of each one of its Founders to help burn survivors and to work on burn prevention processes. Each of these women has been touched by this scourge one way or another. Two of them suffered burns that profoundly transformed their lives and completely changed their view and vision of the world. The third is a renowned plastic surgeon who has devoted a large part of her professional career to the care of burn patients.

Thanks to the donations received and the support of several people and institutions, the INTI Foundation has been able to help many burn survivors through reconstructive surgeries, psychological therapy, nutritional support and travel assistance to attend medical treatments.

The INTI Foundation secured two important international alliances. The one with Shriners Hospitals for Children allows Colombian children under 18 years old to have the opportunity to be eligible to travel to the United States to receive comprehensive and free treatment. Thanks to this partnership, several children have already been able to travel Shriners to receive medical treatment. Another alliance was also secured with the Michou and Mau Foundation of Mexico, with whom we have been working hand in hand by developing prevention programs and protocols.